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Perth town guide

Perth stands foursquare on the main route north to the Scottish Highlands. Always of strategic importance it is now the confluence of major routes linking Edinburgh to the North and Glasgow to the East of Scotland.

Not far away is Scone, one of the seats of ancient Scottish Chiefs and Monarchs. According to tradition the Stone of Scone represented the authority of the ruler of the Scots. Its theft from the English Parliament in the later part of the twentieth century could have caused a constitutional crisis.

To the west you will find the rolling heather of Rannock Moor, whilst by contrast to the east lie the well-manicured golf courses and the Fife coast.

Perth and its near neighbour Dundee are the centre of a great fruit growing area, famous for raspberries and loganberries. The Dewars and Famous Grouse whisky distilleries are also found near Perth.

Perth has many old buildings but Perth Theatre is now famous because the Hollywood star, Ewan MacGregor, once acted here.

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