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Warrington town guide

Warrington is a town of bridges. Ancient man discovered the first crossing point of the River Mersey, in what is now known as Warrington. A settlement grew up beside the ancient ford, that the Romans later recognised as a ford of strategic importance. To safeguard the crossing point they established a settlement nearby, calling it Veratinum.

Warrington later developed as an industrial town and still hosts major chemical plants. The Bridgewater Canal passes close to the south of the town. This important link between Manchester and Liverpool was still important in the late 19th Century when the Manchester Ship Canal was built along a similar route. When the opportunity arises it is a fascinating day out to take ship from Liverpool to Salford.

Warrington will be familiar to many USAF personnel being the nearest town to the huge Burtonwood Air Base, a major supply depot from 1943 to 1993.

At nearby Widnes there is now an excellent museum "Catalyst" devoted to the history of the Chemical Industry.

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