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Milton Keynes town guide

Milton Keynes was created as a new town in the nineteen sixties. Based around a number of existing settlements between Bletchley, Stoney Stratford and Newport Pagnall it has now become a very successful town of two hundred thousand inhabitants.

Whilst the town was growing there were many jokes made about the installation of concrete cows in one the parks. These were an artwork like many other similar installations throughout the town and very successful one at provoking peoples' thoughts.

The new town was planned to minimise the adverse impact of the motorcar on the life of the citizens. Residential areas are screened from the busy through routes and walking and cycling routes are provided to ease the passage of these vulnerable users away from motor traffic. Huge areas of park were left within the town, providing areas for leisure and recreation.

An intriguing feature of Milton Keynes was the creation of large man made lakes in many of the parks. These were not created to provide further leisure opportunities, but rather to act to balance the impact of the town on the local rivers and water system. Once fields are turned into a town the rainwater no longer soaks into the ground, but runs away down any handy watercourse. A development such as Milton Keynes could result in floods downstream of the town if the run-off is not managed. That is the purpose of all those lakes - simply to act as a sponge to contain the rainwater until it can be safely released into the rivers.

The use of a hire car will allow the visitor easy access to the beautiful countryside that surrounds Milton Keynes. Bletchley Park was the centre of the Allies Code Breaking efforts in WW2. The visitor today can see where the worlds first programmable computer was created and marvel at the ingenuity of the young men and women who devoted themselves to this vital part of the war effort.

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