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Crewe town guide

Crewe in the County of Cheshire was little more than a hamlet before the coming of the railway age in the nineteenth century. Very rapidly Crewe became the most important railway junction on the West Coast Route to the North of England and Scotland. Railway routes radiated out from like the spokes of a wheel and the London and North Western Railway, often known as the Premier Line established the Locomotive Works to the North West of the junction.

The railway heritage of Crewe is commemorated in a splendid museum, not far from the station, known as The Railway Age. Here you can thrill to the sight of the monsters of the steam age or wonder at the ill fated Advanced Passenger Train, the precursor of the modern tilting trains passing only a few yards from the museum.

Crewe is not all about railways, in 1946 the prestigious car maker Rolls Royce converted a wartime aero engine plant to the manufacture of RR Cars. The care and attention lavished on these fine vehicles reflects the pride of Crewe folk in the products of the town.

Fascinating as Crewe is, a short drive by hire car will take you to the nearby town of Nantwich with many delightful half timbered builds gracing the town centre. A little further on and the Peckforton Hills rise out of the Cheshire plain, Beeston Castle atop its solitary mound dominates the surroundings and is worth a look.

The "wich" in Nantwich indicates a town based on the salt trade and you don't have to look far to find others in this area, the salt Museum at Northwich tells it all.

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