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Chester town guide

Roman and mediaeval relics, many timber-framed black and white buildings make Chester one of England's most interesting cities. A walled city from Roman times, this ancient port silted up in the fifteenth century and trade was lost.

You can still walk around the two miles of walls in Chester, giving fine views of the River Dee, the Roman ampitheatre and towards the Clwyd Hills in North Wales. The Shropshire union canal runs around the base of part of the Walls and colourful canal boats can be see travelling along. Boat trips can be taken on the river Dee.

Fine shopping facilities exist in The Rows- shops on two levels-the original shopping Mall. These, along with the Cathedral, are bounded by the Walls of Chester. A little way out of the city is the racecourse, on the site of the old port. Chester Zoo, a few miles further out of the city has a world famous breeding programme and affords an enjoyable day out.

Car rental will give you the chance of exploring further afield to the coast of North Wales or into the mountains of Snowdonia.

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