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Bury St Edmunds town guide

Although known as Bury St Edmunds, it should really be called St Edmundsbury, but to Suffolk people it is simply Bury.

From its humble Saxon beginnings, Bury St Edmunds became home to one of the most powerful Abbeys in mediaeval Europe. Today, it remains a busy and beautiful market town at the heart of East Anglia.

The Abbey's rise to fame came about because of the martyrdom of King Edmund and his burial there. A devout Christian, Edmund was captured by raiding Danes and shot full of arrows when he refused to renounce his faith. His head was cut off and thrown into a wood. When his friends came looking for him, legend has it that the severed head called to them, and they found it guarded by a wolf. The arrows, the wolf and the crowned head still form the coat of arms of the Borough of St Edmundsbury.

For a time Bury was a major centre for the cloth making industry it is upon this industry that much of the wealth of the town was founded.

Always an important centre for the County of Suffolk, Bury is close to many attractions. A short journey by hire car will take you to the heart of Thetford Forest. Here you visit Grimes Graves, not graves but in reality ancient mines where flint was mined and knapped to furnish stone man with many of his tools.

Venture a little further and you can visit the Constable Country and drink in the beauty of scenes little changed from the days when constable immortalised them.

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