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Tenerife town guide


Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, a Spanish outpost on the edge of the tropics lying between some 60 miles and 200 miles off the coast of Morocco. There are seven main islands and a number of smaller islets within the Canaries Archipeligo.

The dominant feature of the Tenerife landscape is the Pico del Tiede a dormant volcano, which at 3,718 metres elevation is Spain highest peak. The area around the volcano is dedicated as a National Park, the Parque Nacional del Tiede, although there is good access for visitors via the cable car that rises to within 160m of the summit from a base station adjacent to the road from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. This whole area is well worth exploring by hire car.

The name Tenerife comes from the original inhabitants of the islands, the Guanche and means Snowy Mountain, although during the summer months the Pico del Tiede is unlikely to live up this reputation.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife is the capital of the island and is the centre of the vibrant night life and transport links to the other islands. There are many ferry, hydrofoil and air links to the other islands from Santa Cruz and Spain itself.

With its many comfortable hotels and fascinating countryside and varied nightlife Tenerife can be very rewarding for the visitor, however the beaches are almost all of black volcanic sand and can be a little daunting for the visitor not accustomed to them.

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