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The geography of Iceland is such that most of the settlements and thus the roads are close to the coast. Those routes that do cross the interior of the island are likely to involve considerable distances on unmade surfaces or even the traverse of a glacier. These demand special skills on the part of the driver and are not for the inexperienced.

Driving on the right hand side of the road may be a new experience for some visitors as may well be the use of kilometres to measure distance - one good thing about using a rental car is that it will be adapted to local conditions with the steering on the left hand side and the speedometer marked in kilometres per hour.

The availability of rentals cars is very good throughout Iceland and there is usually no problem in arranging for a hire car to be left at a different location from where it was originally rented. Hirers should take note that most car rental insurance is only valid for driving on the surfaced roads. Drivers should check carefully that there intended route is acceptable.

The speed limits in Iceland are:

On Highways the limit is 90 kilometres per hour. This equates to about 55 miles per hour. On other roads not showing any lower restriction the limit is 80 that's 50 miles per hour.

In towns the limit is 50 kilometres per hour, or 31 miles per hour.

Drivers face severe penalties if found driving with more than 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. This is lower than the limit in Britain which is 80mg per 100ml.

Persons under the age of 20 years are not normally able to hire a car in Iceland.

The wearing of seat belts is compulsory.


These notes are intended only to draw attention to some of the rules and regulations that apply to driving in Iceland. They are not an exhaustive or complete set of regulations and may be superseded by changes in the law at any time. The publishers can accept no responsibility for any problem that may arise because drivers have failed to satisfy all the relevant legislation in any country in which they may use a vehicle hired through this site. It remains the responsibility of the driver to satisfy himself or herself that they are aware of all the relevant legislation that affects their conduct and the driving of vehicles in any country in which they may find themselves.

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Akureyri Hofn Hornafjordur Isafjordur Keflavik

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