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Montpellier is a city well to the south of France. Visitors arriving by hire car may well have journeyed south along the Autoroute 75, where they will have crossed Lord Foster's fine bridge at Millau, the highest viaduct in the world when it opened.

Montpellier is the major city and regional capital of the lower Languedoc and has become large and sprawling. It is an ancient University city, there has been a medical school here since the 13th century. The philosopher and scholar Petrarch is said to have come to study and teach in 1317.

It is best to bring your hire car into the centre of the city and ensure that you park it safely in an official car park; there are some areas of Montpellier that tourists find uncomfortable.

The centre of the City is well laid out and has some handsome buildings flanking the wide boulevards. The presence of the University means that here are often very interesting exhibitions and shows taking place here. There is also a thriving night life offering music to suit all tastes.

The pavement cafes and restaurants which surround the squares in the centre of town usually buzz with the energy of students and provide splendid entertainment. Take some time to sit and enjoy the passing sights during the early evening.

This city is growing all the time and is becoming an important centre for high tech. industry in France.

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