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Monte Carlo town guide

Monte Carlo

Situated in the tiny principality of Monaco which is a tiny piece of territory completely surrounded by South East France, Monte Carlo is one of the most glamorous cities in Europe. Car hire visitors will be enjoying at least a taste of the high life.

The museums and the Palace are mainly about the ruling family of Grimaldi who have skilfully managed to maintain the stylishness and popularity of this resort while some of those around it have declined somewhat. There are also a museum of automatons and a fabulous Oceanographic Museum.

One advantage of being a small relatively independent state is that you can close the roads and have a motor racing circuit around the streets for the entertainment of the well heeled. Twice a year Monte Carlo becomes a racing circuit, once for the Formula 1 Grand Prix and once for the Classic Grand Prix. Visitors by hire car visiting at these times will need to ensure that they have parking and accommodation. At the height of the season it is better to park at one of the surrounding railway stations and go into Monte Carlo by train.

Maybe a flutter at the Casino will help with the cost, or maybe it won't!

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