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Montargis town guide


Visitors by hire car visiting the Loire Valley will find Montargis sign posted off the Autoroute 6 and the Autoroute 77 near Auxerre about eighty miles from Paris. It is a small town made attractive by the number of waterways that either pass through it or are nearby. It is a very pleasant place to sit and eat a bag of the local Pralines while watching the world float by.

If you go to the Tourist Office in the Rue du Port, they will furnish you with a set of instructions for the "Circuit du Ponts", a walk which can be completed in an hour if you are not tempted to stop for refreshment on the way round, and which takes in no less than a hundred and twenty seven bridges and crossings over water. As you walk round look out for the statue of Girodet's dog.

The town's most famous citizen was Girodet the eighteenth century artist and examples of his work can be found in the museum at the Hotel Dursy which is near the chateau. There is a variety of museums to choose from in the town ranging from the ones which tell the story of Montargis to one which tells the history of education from 1880 to 1950.

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