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Gloves, Roquefort cheese and Roman Pottery are what the car hire driver will find in this small town in the Pyrenees mountains. In fact until 2003 unless you were looking for a traffic jam it would be unlikely that you would go to Millau at all. In 2003 the Viaduct of Millau was finished. This is a wonderful structure of steel and concrete, designed by lord Norman Foster that now carries the main road from Clermont Ferrand to Montpelier over a valley that it previously had to wend its way down into and up out of, creating a huge bottleneck at certain times of the year. Visitors by hire car shouldn't miss the opportunity to drive across although stopping to appreciate the 1200 feet drop is not appreciated!

The town is now much quieter than it was and is developing as a tourist stopping place. The cheese and glove manufacturers are slowly gearing up to accept visitors. The gloves made here, originally all of fine leather or sheepskin, are recognised as being the best available and are usually purchased by way of the haute couture houses of France. It is now possible for visitors to treat themselves, but be careful, not all the gloves offered for sale have been made in the town or even in France.

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