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Migennes town guide


Visitors by hire car will find Migennes North of Auxerre, you can either take the Autoroute 6 and the exit for Joigny or follow the N road towards Sens. Migennes is at the point where the Canal de Bourgogne and the River Yonne join and is therefore a favourite place for those taking a boating holiday on the canal.

The Departement of the Yonne is very rural, you are in the heart of France and will find the fields full of all kinds of produce and farm animals. As a result of this the food and drink of this area is superb. While exploring Migennes itself do not miss the opportunity to look at the fifth century mosaic that relates to the time when this little town was an important cross roads of trading routes.

You will probably enjoy sitting by the Canal or the river and indulging in a drink or a meal while the boating people keep you entertained.

Visitors by hire car will be able to follow the River Yonne in either direction and will appreciate the small villages that they pass through.

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