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Menton town guide


Menton is between Monte Carlo and the Italian border and sometimes seems more Italian than French. Visitors by hire car will probably come into the town through the Vallee du Carei from the Autoroute 8 that runs along the French Riviera.

This is a fairly large town that has been a holiday resort for several hundred years, in fact, legend has it that Eve brought Adam to Menton when they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden, it is also said that she brought a lemon with her and that all the lemons that you can now see during the early part of the year are the result. If you have the chance to visit during February you can enjoy the Lemon Festival.

When you have parked your hire car, start from the top of the hill near the Eglise Saint Michel where there is an area of Medieval buildings and narrow lanes. These are just the first of many beautifully restored buildings that you will see as you work your way past a wide variety of shops, restaurants and cafes towards the sea front. Turn towards Italy and you can walk through the Old Port. Menton also has beaches, some private and some public like the Plage des Sablettes, these are mostly situated to the west below the old town.

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