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Louviers town guide


Visitors by hire car travelling from Le Havre towards Paris will pass south of Rouen and see Louviers on the signs. This is a town in what is known as the Haute (high) Normandie which is famous for its textile industry. This is hardly surprising as there is plenty of water available from the twenty one branches of the River Eure that criss cross the town and plenty of wool available from the local sheep. This also means that there is plenty of lamb available in the local restaurants.

The various waterways make this an intriguing town to explore and you will find plenty of evidence of the ancient cloth industry. In the Rue Ternaux for example you can see that the lofts of the houses were used for dying cloth. Try not to miss the recently refurbished Place de la Poissonnerie by the River which has been made into a lovely square.

As you stroll through the narrow lanes you will come across several small parks and gardens, all with their own water supply.

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries this was an important and wealthy town, the parliament of Normandy sat here during 1562, the beautiful houses are testimony to this wealth.

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