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Les Mureaux town guide


Situated forty kilometres East of Paris on the Autoroute 13. Les Mureaux is in the Yvelines department of the Isle de France. This area is best known as a commercial and industrial community where high technology businesses thrive. It could be described as the French version of Silcon Valley. The major French motor companies Renault and Peugeot can be found near to Grand Marnier Liquers and Rochas perfumes. At Les Mureaux itself you will find Aerospatiale, which is the home of the French space Industry.

Having said all this, visitors by hire car will not find a French version of Dagenham! Over three quarters of the landscape is protected from building and is open landscape. There is the vast forest of Rambuillet, nearby Versailles with its amazing Palace and Nature Parks in the upper Chevreuse Valley. Visitors using their hire cars to explore should try to avoid the main roads and explore the little river valleys which criss cross the area and provide charming views and a feeling of rural life which makes it hard to believe that you are only thirty miles or so from the capital. The small restaurants and cafes which you will find often provide meals which belie their appearance.

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