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Le Luc En Provenc town guide

Le Luc

Le Luc is a small medieval village, visitors by hire car will find it situated about fifty kilometres north east of Toulon. It is situated on an ancient routeway called the Aurelienne and has the remains of a fine eleventh century castle which dominates the sky line. The town developed around the castle and the narrow streets appear to somewhat be higgledy pigeldy. Spend some time exploring and discover the little art galleries and cafes which abound. You will find local produce available, especially the local Olive Oil. This is a wine area and the Rose is particularly good. Drink it slightly chilled with some of the fresh vegetables that you will find locally. Aileole is a local delicacy, a salad dressing made with Garlic and anchovies, it goes particularly well with fish.

Le Luc also has thermal springs, these fell into disuse at about the times of the Romans but have been re-discovered and provide an opportunity for pampering the body if this is required.

To go completely modern, use your hire car to find the Circuit du Var and take a turn in a racing car! This is near the village of Gonfaron.

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