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Situated on the Atlantic Coast, eighty kilometres from Nantes on the southern edge of Brittanny visitors by hire car drivers will find La Baule to be a seaside resort which has catered for the French middle class since Victorian times.

Although La Baule is sometimes viewed as the least stylish of the seaside resorts on the Atlantic Coast it has several things going for it: first there is the Gulf Stream affecting the climate and warming the sea along its five mile beach. It is also a great place for families, having been a popular place for French families for years.

La Baule has a real French feel that is its real attraction and travellers are far more likely to find themselves sharing a restaurant with French families than English ones.

The town is mainly situated to the north of the beach along two boulevards which run parallel to the beach. There is a variety of shopping opportunities ranging from the very chic to the run of the mill. Once you have enjoyed a day on the beach there will be plenty of opportunity for a good meal in La Baule before venturing further in your hire car, either going north into Brittanny or heading further South into Cognac country.

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