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Frejus town guide


Visitors will find Frejus situated on the Cote d'Azure thirty miles or so West of Cannes and a little further from Nice. If you are arriving in your hire car from the Nice direction it is worth getting off the coastal Autoroute and using the road which follows the coast and gives some spectacular views.

Frejus is really two places in one: there is the old town with its shops, cafes, restaurants and markets. The Saturday market is particularly good. There is also Frejus Plage which is the modern marina and beachside area. You will need your hire car to get between the two.

The older part of town is built around the Roman remains, the most impressive of these being the old aqueduct which carried fresh water from the nearby hills. There is a good town museum which shows the history of the Romans in the town. At the time of the Romans the sea came up to what is now known as Old Frejus which was a port. This part of the town has a good square surrounded by cafes and bars which provide for the splendid activity of people watching.

Frejus Plage is a beautiful sandy beach which is free to use and very popular with families. The swimming is good, safe and there are life guards on duty. This is certainly one of the best beaches in the area and parking can be found at the western end of the marina area. Around the Marina are some shops that cater for the boating set and good if expensive restaurants. I suggest that better food at cheaper prices will be found if you use your hire car to return to old Frejus and walk through the lanes.

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