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Figari town guide


Figari is the airport on the beautiful island of Corsica, car hirers will collect their vehicles before exploring. This mountainous Island enjoys a Mediterranean climate and it is often very warm down near the sea while feeling quite chilly up in the hills. Most of the habitation is on the coast related to the tourist industry upon which the island thrives. Inland villages are small and few and far between apart from the capital of the island Corte.

Tourists in hire cars will probably work their way around the coast stopping off at villages such as Calva, Bastia and Avacchio. These are all pretty seaside resorts that offer all the attractions that one would expect. As you drive between these places you might notice small lanes or tracks that appear to run from the interior to the coast. These byways are traditional routes between the summer grazing places for flocks and the coastal fields that were used by the shepherds in the winter. The routes of the tracks are marked by small dry stoned walled huts called Bergeries, some of which are still used. If you rent a gite in this area it is quite likely to be based around one of these.

Be prepared to get off the main roads and explore the hills, you will get an idea of the true Corsican way of life.

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