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Dieppe town guide


Situated on the D925 between Fecamp and Abbeville in Normandy, Dieppe has developed as a fishing and ferry port since the Norman conquest of Britain in 1066.

A visit to the museum will introduce travellers to the surprising trade in Ivory for which the town became famous. There are some beautiful examples of carving, which despite the ban on such activities today, remain well worth seeing.

Jehan Ango, was probably little more than a pirate when he set about attacking British and Portugese ships, this did, however, bring considerable wealth to Dieppe and led to Monsieur Ango becoming a prominent citizen.

The maritime museum situated in the Chateau is very interesting and contains exhibits covering hundreds of years of naval history. The section which exemplifies the times when steamships were the main carriers of trade good around the world is particularly good.

Dieppe is also a proper seaside holiday resort with its fair share of beaches, amusements and promenades.

Visitors should make sure that they sample the delicious sea food before moving on in their hire car possibly to visit the Monastery at Fecamp to sample the Benedictine Liqueur which is made by the monks.

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