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Creil town guide


This town is situated fifty mile north of Paris on the river Oise. This area has been inhabited since ancient times and the banks of the River have yielded all sorts of remains over the years. Visitors can trace the history of man's presence here by visiting the Chateau which houses the town museum.

Further evidence of early settlement can be found at the Tuffs which are cave houses. In fact, they were at their most popular as houses in the nineteenth century when poor factory workers who had come in from the countryside needed a safe and dry place to live.

The "Kiosk" located on an island in the river it will catch the eye of visitors, it was built in the seventeenth century although it looks older. It has been called a Temple of Love but latterly was refurbished by the owner in memory of her son who died in the First World War.

In 1882 Monsieur Martin who was a successful wine merchant built a Theatre which he said was to give pleasure to his wife who had been a classical dancer. This pretty building which seats seven hundred people has been a Cinema since 1927.

If you have a hire car available, Creil can be a good base from which to explore the are and maybe take in trip to Euro-Disney which is not far away.

Creil is also well known for its pottery which was developed to meet the demands of the British market for fine china.

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