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Cognac town guide


Situated on the N141 between Angouleme and Saintes the eponymous town of Cognac has obvious attractions to lovers of the grape in all its forms. It does not disappoint.

The best place to begin your explorations is by the riverside; it is from here that the Medieval alleyways and streets spread into the town. The cellars where the brandy is matured are called "chais" and many of them are to be found in this area. There is a wonderful alcoholic aroma that seems to permeate. This is also the reason for all the fungus that you will see. It thrives on the fumes given off by the Brandy during its maturation process.

You will have a serious decision to make; to eat and then visit the distillery or to visit the distllery and then eat. In fact, the amount of Cognac that you will be given to taste is not large so a light lunch should suffice. It makes little difference which Cognac house you decide to visit as they all put on a good show.

Not interested in the product of the town, you might try the park on Boulevard Rocherau which has a zoo, or get in your hire car and head for Angouleme.

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