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Situated only a few kilometres to the North of Paris, Clichy provides a useful base to leave your hire car and explore one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is a very efficient Syndicat d'Initiatif (Tourist Office) which can book you a hotel and give advice on parking. Incidentally, although they sometimes make a small surcharge for this, they are usually cheaper than other agencies.

Clichy is on the Paris Metro which makes it easy to get into the centre of the capital. Plan your stay and consider buying books of metro tickets as these are considerably cheaper than paying for single journeys. You might enjoy the buskers who play on the trains too, if you are lucky enough to get a good one.

From this base it is not too far for the more energetic to walk to some of the attractions on the north side of the capital. The Moulin Rouge, which is actually not a patch on that shown in the recent film, is within walking distance as is Montmartre, although if you have walked up to the top of the hill at the latter you will probably choose to get a metro or a bus back.

It is certainly not necessary to go into central Paris to find a restaurant. There are plenty in the area and a good way to choose one is to see how many other people are eating there. The more diners there are in an establishment the better, within reason.

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