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Cherbourg town guide


Many visitors to Brittany arrive in France via Cherbourg which is a major ferry port. Like other parts of Brittany it is not necessary to drive a long way into France to find yourself in some charming areas. Cherbourg itself is a naval port and it is necessary to find the best bits of the town to get the most from it. Start in the Rue de la Paix and enjoy the shops offering both local merchandise and international branded goods, follow this to the rue Tour-Carre before hitting the attractive market square, Place general de Gaulle.

Quai Caligny is where the people arriving in their own boats can moor. It is here that you can find restaurants and enjoy a good Moules Frites (mussels and chips) for lunch or an assiette de fruits de mer (sea food platter) for dinner. The shell fish in this area is extremely good and almost invariably very fresh. Good shellfish likes to please the eater and will come easily from the shell, never eat a Mussel when the shell will not open.

After a leisurely lunch on the quay side take to your hire car and take a trip around the rugged Cotentin Peninsula with its long sandy beaches.

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