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Chatellerault town guide


This delightful town is just over twenty miles north of Poitiers and fifty miles south of Tours. There is a junction on the A10 Autoroute nearby.

The town is the second largest town in Poiteau-Charente area or the Vienne region. The other main route which passes through the town is the River Vienne. This is a very old town, in the tenth century the Viscount or Airaud built his chateau here and gave the town its name. The town gained further importance in the sixteenth century when Henry the Fourth built a bridge across the river.

About the same time the philosopher Renee Descartes lived here and his house, Maison des Sybilles is now a museum about him.

Due to the plentiful water supply and the presence of Iron ore, an important industry making weapons developed, during the nineteenth century, the standard swords for the French Army were made here and there is still a modern armaments industry.

You may well want to visit the nearby Automobile Museum by hire car, details can be obtained at the Tourist Information Office.(Syndicat d'initiatif)

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