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Chateauroux town guide


Valencay, Le Pouligny - Saint Pierre, Le Selles sur Cher not places but varieties of goats' cheese, you will find it totally delicious and difficult to avoid in the restaurants of this part of Central France. Chateauroux is typical of this quiet and laid back area, particularly in the summer it is hard to realise that this is the principal town of the Indre region. The Indre is a slow flowing river that meanders its way through the countryside. In fact, meandering in a hire car around this area is highly recommended.

Like many small French towns it only bustles at the beginning and towards the end of the day. At these times visitors can enjoy the good shopping centre and the cultural and artistic events that take place at this time of the year.

L'Hotel Bertrand is the local museum and it has a good collection of local artefacts and contemporary art. There is also a modern art gallery Les Cordeliers.

Not far away by hire car is La Prairie St. Gilda , a beautiful nature reserve on the banks of the Indre, where visitors can follow the guided walks, or take to the river itself. Visitors should make sure that they visit the Tourist Office (Syndicat d'Initiatif) where details of trips and guided walks can be found.

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