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Bourg En Bresse town guide

Bourg en Bresse

Travelling west by hire car from Geneva or the Jura to the River Revsousse you will find the capital of the Ain Region, Bourg en Bresse. Bourg is really in the far eastern part of France.

If you visit on a Wednesday you will experience the Market. It will not take you long to realise that this is a poultry raising area. You can by chicken in all sorts of guises from live ones to those that have been cooked and preserved in jars. Poulet de Bresse can only be so called if it is produced in this area using the cream sauce flavoured with morel mushrooms which makes it special. There has been a chartered market here since 1201 which is some 400 years before the Dukes of Savoy relinquished it to become part of France.

After seeing the market and admiring the fifteenth and sixteenth century houses, stroll the kilometre or so to the Abbey at Brou. This is one of the most visited sites in France. Margaret of Austria had been much in love with Philibert the Fair, presumably his looks had something to do with it, and on his death in 1504 decided to have an Abbey built in his memory. This is superbly gothic building that houses some wonderful marble tombs.

After all this and for a change use your hire car to get you to the Parc de Loisirs where you can relax by the lake while the more energetic members of the party can hire a boat or a bike.

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