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Beziers town guide


Visitors can easily explore the Mediterranean Coast of the South East of France by hire car. In the area of the Golfe de Lyon you will see signs for Beziers from the Autoroute 9.

Some people say that there is a sad, cold feeling that comes over them when they are in the area in the centre of Beziers near to the church where twenty thousand Cathar heretics were slaughtered.

For a more cheerful church to visit, try the Cathedrale Saint Nazaire which has some beautiful wood carvings and frescoes.

Slaughter is in the air in early August, depending on your taste you will either wish to avoid or will be keen to see the "Feria" or bullfighting festival which takes place at this time. Before this, in July, there is the Festa D'Oc which is a celebration of local culture.

During a stroll around the town, make sure that you go along Avenue President Wilson where you will find a superb emporium selling local food and wine, usually with tastings!

A family with a hire car should head for the coast after visiting Beziers; there are miles of wonderful sandy beaches to enjoy. One of the best is Marsiellan Plage which is between the villages of Agde and Sete.

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