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Besancon town guide


Situated in the Northern part of the Jura Mountains to the south east of Belfort, Besancon is in an area which is very popular with walkers and outdoor pursuits enthusiasts. There are walks and climbs suitable for all ages and abilities, either with or without a guide.

Precision engineering plays a major part in the town's economy these days and this is a logical progression from the traditional clock and watch making of the nineteenth century. Musee de Temps gives some fascinating insights into this traditional industry.

In the town itself you can see wide boulevards and the town's parks. Take a stroll through the Battant Quarter which was a wine making area, here you can see seventeenth century houses with lovely wrought iron balconies. This area has had a varied military history and the Citadel was designed by the architect Vauban. The Citadel houses a museum about Besancon's Resistance activities during the Second World War and also provides a great view across the River Doubs.

There is a fascinating World Heritage sight just thirty kilometres away in your hire car, the Saline Royale which is a semi circular salt working.

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