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Beauvais town guide


Situated between Paris and Amiens and easily reached by hire car, Beauvais is one of the most attractive towns of Northern France. Visitors will soon realise that the town is dominated by the massive Cathedrale St Pierre. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this great church is that it was never finished. While it was still being built in the thirteenth century the vaults of the main aisle collapsed. It is likely that the foundations, or the lack of them were at fault as the same thing happened to the spire in 1573. This was, at the time, the tallest church spire in the world which makes one wonder if the builders really had delusions of grandeur.

In the eighteen sixties the people of Beauvais had another go at making their cathedral even more famous when they had a superb clock built. This clock has over ninety thousand pieces in it and attracts visitors from all over the world.

The Manufacture Nationale de Tapisserie is a development of the traditional tapestry craft and is a factory which produces the very best modern ones for formal use. A trip around the factory is a fascinating way of spending a couple of hours.

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