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Visitors who like the macabre should visit the Eglise St Gervais where one can view the skull of a former bishop of Avranches complete with hole in it that was made by St. Michael. Apparently the bishop incurred the wrath of the vindictive saint by stopping work on the Abbaye de St Michel which we know as Mont St Michel. To get him started again the Saint prodded his skull with a pointed stick with unfortunate results.

In fact Avranches is now seen as little more than a stepping off point for visiting the Mont which is the most visited attraction in France. Some people feel that its immense popularity has turned it into a rather tawdry version of its former self. It is still worth a visit.

From Avranches, there are some superb views of the Baie du Mont St Michel and the famous island. This bay has recently been designated a World Heritage Site. If you make for the Jardin des Plants you can enjoy the park and the view.

There are a couple of slightly different experiences available to visitors, the first is Musee Christian Dior which is the former residence of the fashion designer and secondly there is very good salmon fishing available on the nearby Rivers La See and la Selune, to reach the latter will mean using your hire car.

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