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Avignon town guide


Avignon is situated 684km (425 miles) S of Paris; 80km (50 miles) NW of Aix-en-Provence; 106km (66 miles) NW of Marseille, this ancient city is a must for visitors. The first place to visit is obviously the old bridge which features in the song that we all know. Rather than standing sur le pont, try indulging yourselves in one of the outdoor cafes near the bridge and just watch the world pass you by.

You might be surprised by the faded splendour of some of the buildings which seem to belong to a more important place. This is because Avignon was the centre of Christianity during the late middle ages visit The Palais des Papes - One of the most famous palaces in the Christian world, the massive Gothic palace is where Roman Catholic popes resided following the Great Schism in the 14th century. The palace's main attractions are the Chapelle St Jean; Chapelle St Martial; the Grand Tinel; the pope's bedroom; the Stadium; and the Grande Audience.

You might need a break from all this culture, try strolling along the Rue de Teinturiers, enjoy the small shops and galleries while choosing which restaurant to try!

When you have tired of the 14th and 15th Century buildings visit the two main Art Galleries, the Louis Voulande Museum which specialises in antiques and works of art from the 17th and 18th centuries housed in a 19th century mansion and the Petit-Palias Museum which has old masters and is in the old Bishop's Palace.

After all this you will be happy to get back into your hire car and enjoy the peaceful Provencale scenery.

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