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Avallon town guide


Avallon is an ancient town which was in existence before the Romans invaded Gaul. Visitors will find it in Central France thirty five or so miles south of Auxerre and easily accessible from there by hire car. It is a spacious town situated on a promontory above the River Cousin.

In the fifth century a king of the area Riothumus, disappeared, he probably died but apparently there is just a chance that he didn't and turned up again as King Arthur with another Avalon connection.

This is a real Mediaeval Town and there are fifteenth and sixteenth century houses wherever you look. The narrow streets with overhanging roofs to the houses make ambling around looking in shops for local delicacies a splendid way to spend some time.

The Romanesque Eglize St Lazare had already been in existence for a couple of hundred years when most of the houses were built. It was said to have received the head of St Lazurus and is therefore a place of pilgrimage.

The splendid town clock in its own tower will let you know when it time to find a restaurant of which there are many to choose from, be careful not to have filled up on the local biscuits and gingerbread before your meal.

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