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Driving Experience Days

Ferrari Driving Experiences
Drive a Ferrari from £99
Ferrari's define the meaning of Sports car. Their power and refined road handling makes them like no other car you can drive today.
Lotus Driving Experiences
Drive a Lotus from £79
With its heritage dating back to the successes in Formula one under the direction of the late great Colin Chapman Lotus cars have got better and better to drive.
Porsche Driving Experiences
Drive a Porsche from £89
Love them or hate them driving a Porsche is an experience to be remembered!
TVR Driving Experiences
Drive a TVR from £89
Some great looking, British sports cars, everytime we see one we feel proud to be British!
Super Car Driving Experiences
Drive a Super Car from £113
Not sure which sports car you prefer, then why not try driving a range of sports cars?
Rally Driving Experiences
Drive a Rally Car from £89
With a choice of Rally cars ranging from front, rear or four wheel drive cars. You can choose from Escorts, Subarus and Mitsubishi Evos. Learn to power slide, handbrake turn and even more.
Caterham Driving Experiences
Drive a Caterham from £89
The ultimate kit car! It may be a kit but it will still pass many of the more expensive sports cars when driven well on track.
Off Road Driving Experiences
Drive seriously Offroad from £38.50
Want to drive more sedately? Then how about a lovely nice muddy off road driving experience?
F1 Driving Experiences
Drive an F1 car from £1245
What more can we say - it's a Formula One car!